Our protection plans allow you and your loved ones to be well protected, providing you with peace of mind when facing tomorrow.

SmartRich Income Insurance Plan

Save smart Live smart

  • 2–year premium payment for long–term income
  • Annually increasing income to protect your purchasing power against inflation
  • Guaranteed additional bonus for greater joy
  • A legacy to protect your loved ones
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Participating policies information

Payer Benefit

(Supplementary benefit, only available at the new application stage of designated basic plan.)

If, unfortunately, you are diagnosed as suffering from a terminal illness, are rendered totally and permanently disabled, or pass away while the policy is in force before the Age of 65, commencing from the next premium due date all regular premiums due under the policy will be waived. This will keep the policy in force, until either the end of the period of regular premium payment or the premium due date immediately preceding the policy anniversary on or following your child’s 25th birthday (whichever occurs first).

Payer Benefit is produced in/authorised for sale in Hong Kong. By proceeding to act on this information you are warranting that you are either a Hong Kong resident or that the laws and regulations of the jurisdiction you are in allow you to do so.

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