Important Information:

  1. This website is applicable to Aviva Global Savings Account, Aviva Global Investment Account, Global Investment-Linked Plan, Aviva LifeLink Insurance Plan and LifeTrack Assurance Series - Investment-linked Plan. These schemes are not available for new policy application and are not marketed to the public by Aviva in Hong Kong now.
  2. Investment-Linked Assurance Scheme (“ILAS”) is long-term investment-linked insurance contracts issued by Aviva Life Insurance Company Limited ("Aviva") and your investments are subject to the credit risk of Aviva.
  3. The premium you pay towards your policy will become and remain the assets of Aviva. You are not investing into the underlying funds and do not have any ownership or rights of the underlying funds or their assets. Your recourse is against Aviva only. Each underlying fund has its own investment objectives and risk factors.
  4. Your policy value is calculated by Aviva with reference to the fluctuations of the performance of the underlying funds. Each of the underlying funds has its own investment profile and associated risks.
  5. Return on investment-linked funds will be subject to the charges of ILAS and may be lower than the return of the underlying funds corresponding to the investment linked fund.
  6. Should investors make partial withdrawal, take premium holiday, reduce their original regular premium, or terminate ILAS contract early, they may suffer a substantial loss in their investments premiums paid and/or bonus awarded.
  7. Investment involves risk. Past performance is not indicative of future performance. You should not rely solely on the information contained in this website to select the investment-linked funds. For full details of ILAS including fees, charges and risk factors, please refer to the offering documents of respective ILAS and the prospectus of the respective underlying funds for further information.
  8. Only the Investment-linked Plan and its documentation have been authorised by the Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission (“SFC”). However, such authorisation does not imply official recommendation. Please refer to the offering documents of the respective Investment-linked Plan for details.

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